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Linda Zhao

Sr. Director of BD and Global Strategy
South San Francisco, California, USA

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I joined Abiosciences (Abio) in 2022 in Business Development for strategic partnership and collaborations with biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
Prior to Abiosciences, I had 20+ years’ experience in oncology consulting and business management in Oracle, Cerner Enviza, Kantar Health; and before that I was the president of Draco Healthcare focusing on the Chinese oncology market.  I have solid knowledge in the global oncology markets and proven track records in global product managements, business intelligence, strategic planning and business development.  I am a member of ASCO and CSCO. I served on advisory boards for Philips and Draco Healthcare and was on Cerner Enviza IRB board.

I am very excited to join force with Abio, a U.S. early-stage discovery company pioneering in discovering novel targets/biomarkers & developing first-in-class oncology biologics by harnessing the single-cell atlas of human diseases.  As the scientific leader in single-cell genomics and big-data bioinformatics, Abiosciences have developed a rich portfolio of biologics targeting the tumor-microenvironment (TME) whereas the next wave of novel immunotherapies may arise. In addition, our world largest single-cell OMNI database combined with world class single-cell sequencing solutions are powerful enabling platforms for novel target discovery and predictive biomarker/surrogate development for better patient stratification. Innovative prognostic biomarker could potentially help oncology trials to recruit the correct patients with the highest probability to respond, thus greatly increase the success rate of trials.
We are actively looking for partners in the following areas to:
  • Abiosciences’ novel antibody leads to strengthen your cancer drug pipeline
  • Abiosciences’ novel antibody leads to clinical phase for synergized efficiency and reduced costs in cancer drug development
Co-discovery of novel targets and biomarkers in indications of your interests, by leveraging Abiosciences’ novel target identification/validation, leading bioinformatics and AI-based antibody platforms
  • Customized target discovery and drug development
  • Customized development of biomarkers for best patient stratification strategies
I hope all have a successful meeting at San Francisco.
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