Debbie Alexander

Director, Business Development
South San Francisco, CA

Contact Me

Debbie would like to discuss opportunities for target-drug discovery and portfolio validation partnerships. 23andMe Therapeutics has fully operational biopharma  capabilities with a team of 130+ scientists.  Our strength is the ability to find many new targets across a broad range of indications with our unique genetic and phenotypic platform. We will not be able to prosecute all targets alone! We are exploring new collaborative opportunities with a limited number of partners. We also are developing 23Me'610, an investigational antibody targeting CD200R1 in patients with advanced solid malignancies. 23Me' 610 is being dosed in a Phase2a clinical trial.

Debbie has over thirteen years of experience in Business Development roles, inking deals spanning the non-profit, academic, Digital Health, and BioPharma sectors. In addition, Debbie sits on the Board of Phoenix Bioinformatics, which manages important scientific data repositories and tools.  Debbie holds a DPhil in Plant Sciences from the University of Oxford and was a postdoctoral researcher at the Carnegie Institute for Science, Stanford University.